Los Angeles based photographer, Brooke Wilen, brings fine art to your home in a fun, interactive, and accessible way, with her new fine art puzzles! 

Wilen creates limited edition fine art photography that starts around $500 - $1,000 and goes up from there. But now you can own one of her cheerful images for only $39! Plus, you get to experience the added bonus of putting the images together piece by piece, either on your own or with your friends and family. When you are finished with a Brooke Wilen fine art puzzle you can take it apart and enjoy it again and again… or frame it and hang it on your wall!

Wilen invites you to enjoy life’s simple pleasures through her lens. Her work focuses on the charm and wonder of found objects, and the joy of our everyday surroundings. Wilen’s imagery is presented in a modern, colorful, and down to earth way that everyone can enjoy!

Putting together a Brooke Wilen puzzle is a great way to destress, and stay entertained, from the safety of your own home. All of the imagery is happy and upbeat, and provides a pleasant escape from life’s stresses. Each image serves as a reminder that there is always beauty and delight to be discovered in our day-to-day lives!

Remember, it’s not about the individual pieces, it’s how you put the pieces together!

brooke wilen fine art photographer puzzl